November Member Spotlight

cover art photo credit: Marc Jaffe 

Alice Schuette | November 1st, 2022

Our members at the Cultural Alliance make us who we are. They create a vibrant community of artists and culturally minded people. This is the best of Western Connecticut, and we’re honored to have them as our allies who inspire and enhance their communities. Follow this blog monthly as we shine a spotlight on our members and learn more about who they are and what they offer.

Marc Jaffe View Profile  

Photo Credit: Marc Jaffe from his Under the Bridge series, taken from his website.

“I have been a photographer most of his life; my dad was a commercial photographer, so I grew up with a camera in my hands. My camera is just a tool for me to use my creativity, I love to be able to see the results right away and know how it will look later when I twist it around in the computer. My current series, Night Travels and Under The Bridge is shot while moving without looking through the camera, using the built in flash of a good pocket camera. Much of my work is now almost black until I process the raw file. I have been pretty shocked when I see the results. The latest surprise was the deer perfectly placed under an apple tree. I was even more surprised to find 2 more deer in the foreground. In addition to Fine Art Photography, I am a Web Designer, Textile Designer & a Mac Technologist.

Brookfield Arts CommissionView Profile 

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Photo Credit: From Brookfield Arts Commission FB page

The Brookfield Arts Commission (BAC) strives to entertain and enlighten the people of Brookfield by promoting activities geared around the arts. BAC encourages community participation and acts as a liaison between the arts, schools and the community. They engage in activities designed to encourage local artists and their talents, and they coordinate information about the arts to the town of Brookfield. BAC promotes an understanding and appreciation of the arts to the redisdents of the town of Brookfield.

The Aldrich Contemporary Art MuseumView Profile 

Photo Credit: From The Aldrich Contemporary Museum FB page

Founded by art collector and fashion designer Larry Aldrich in 1964, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is one of the oldest contemporary art museums in the United States. The Museum is one of the few independent, non-collecting institutions in the country and the only museum in Connecticut solely dedicated to the presentation of contemporary art. The New York Times writes that their exhibitions are the kind you expect at a “big-guns urban institution, but [find] at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in leafy suburban Connecticut.” – September 2019

Ridgefield Guild of ArtistsView Profile

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Photo Credit: From The Ridgefield Guild of Artists FB page

The Ridgefield Guild of Artists is a regional and community-based art organization that promotes the visual arts and arts education by providing;

  • High quality gallery space for exhibition
  • Art classes for children and adults
  • Opportunities for artist-in residency programs
  • Art lectures and community events on-site and in collaboration with other cultural organizations.

Located in an over 100 year old barn on Halpin Lane in Ridgefield, Connecticut, the Guild contains three large gallery spaces, a gift gallery and studio loft. RGA presents a full calendar of exhibitions each year, including: an Annual Juried Exhibition, a holiday gift show called Festive Home, and several all-member shows. The Guild also works with individuals or groups to produce special exhibitions.

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