The Arts Revitalize the Economy
2021 Online Fundraiser

The arts are vital to our culture, but did you know that creativity also helps to accelerate economic recovery. How? Join us for our Annual Fundraiser on Friday, October 8th, as we discuss the profound impact art has in reviving economic activity. As we did last year, the event will be held virtually. However, this year, we’ve invited local town leaders and business owners who understand the importance of a thriving art scene.

We invite you to join us for this community conversation. Our discussion will be led by the First Selectman of Ridgefield, Rudy Marconi. In May, the Connecticut Office of the Arts designated Ridgefield as Connecticut’s first Cultural District. More details to follow. We can’t wait to get this important conversation started!

Rudy Marconi

First Selectman, Town of Ridgefield

Rudy Marconi is a native of Ridgefield and attended Ridgefield High School. Since 1999, he has been reelected for seven terms. As First Selectman, Rudy continues to serve on many Regional Committees. Ridgefield has a long track record of supporting the creative community and has committed to reserving at least 1% of The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) for the arts.

Rudy Marconi

Matt Knickerbocker
First Selectman, Town of Bethel

Matthew Knickerbocker was elected to the office of First Selectman in November, 2009. Prior to his election to this post, Matt was a member of the Board of Education from 1999 to 2009.

Pete Bass
Mayor, Town of New Milford

Pete Bass and his family have called New Miford home for 27 years. He served six terms as a Town Council Member and as the former owner of Archway News in our historic Downtown.

Don Lowe
First Selectman, Town of Sherman

Don Lowe served as Selectman in Sherman from 2004 to 2008, before running again in 2015. He’s a professional musician and an adjunct professor at Naugatuck Community College.

Dan Rosenthal
First Selectman, Town of Newtown

Dan was born and raised in Newtown. Dan married his wife, Meri, after they graduated from Fairfield University and settled in Newtown. They are proud parents of Hana, Emi and Ben.

Neviana Zhgaba
Owner, Aquila’s Nest Vineyards

Neviana is originally from Albania and moved to the US 12 years ago. She graduated with a Masters of Science from Fairfield University before opening Aquila’s Nest Vineyards in Newtown.

Dr. Missy Alexander
Provost, WCSU

Dr. Missy Alexander is the chief academic administrator at Western Connecticut State University, and is responsible for all aspects of the academic mission.

Steve Dunn
First Selectman, Town of Brookfield

Steve Dunn secured his third term as First Selectmen in the Town of Brookfield in 2019. With a background in finance and management, he and his family are longtime residents of Brookfield for nearly 40 years.

Lisa Scails
Executive Director, CAWCT

Lisa Scails is the Executive Director of the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut. The Cultural Alliance is dedicated to empowering the arts community to grow the economy and enrich people’s lives.

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Business Talks Art

We know that the arts help to spur economic growth. But don’t take our word for it — listen to the local business leaders who’ve seen it firsthand. Then, help support the arts by donating to the Cultural Alliance of Western CT.

CT Cultural Sector

From 2.4 billion in lost revenue and 33,000 creative workers without jobs in Connecticut, the cultural sector was among the hardest hit during the pandemic. Executive Director, Lisa Scails, talks economic recovery.

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