Our Mission

The Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut is a nonprofit organization activating creativity to enrich lives and to cultivate prosperity for the people in Western Connecticut.

What We’ve Done

We take pride in our achievements alongside our partners, engaging the community and highlighting local talent.

The creative potential is limitless.

Yourself immersed in the space of art and human interaction.

“Human Connection,” a vibrant art pop-up at Danbury Fair Mall, featured local artists and attracted numerous visitors, highlighting the power of art in bringing people together. This innovative exhibition showcased talent from Connecticut and New York, attracting hundreds of individuals to appreciate and purchase featured masterpieces.

A vibrant fusion of art and community spirit.

Together with the AIR Collaborative we launched a series of workshops that sparked a renaissance of creativity and collaboration. Twenty-five diverse innovators designed impactful arts projects within a modest budget. This initiative unleashed artistic expression and fortified community ties. The project is progressing toward implementation.

Igniting the spark of creativity in Danbury’s youth.

The Creative Youth Development program is a beacon of artistic education and empowerment. Last year, we granted $40,000 to enhance creative learning experiences. This initiative provides after-school programs to foster creativity and essential life skills, empowering Danbury’s youth.

Breathing new life into the heart of Danbury.

The Cultural Alliance and CityCenter Danbury united once again to bring sculpture to downtown Danbury. The “Mentor”, by renowned artist John BonSignore out of Redding, CT was installed on Crosby Street to foster community unity and evoke a playful, child-like spirit.

We’re doing it. But we can do more, with your help.

A Note from the Executive Director

Join us by sponsoring an artist, volunteering, or participating in workshops. Every contribution, big or small, helps paint our society with vibrant colors and enrich our community. The Cultural Alliance continues to bring artists and the public closer, supports creative groups, and sparks meaningful conversations through art. With your continued assistance, we can achieve so much more. Let’s collaborate to turn every corner of our historic towns into spaces that celebrate creativity and belonging for all.

Lisa Scails, Executive Director


Programmatic Pillars

The Cultural Alliance provides programs and services, arts and culture advocacy, and business partnership opportunities that create real change.
Because we dream too. And then we take action.


We raise the bar on arts promotion, cultural support, and professional development.

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We connect the business and arts communities to help grow the economy.

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Nobody stands up for the arts and culture in Western CT like we do.

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2023 Finacial Highlights

We faced a revenue drop last year as the CT Culture Fund, which provided $50,000 in revenue in the previous two consecutive year, was discontinued. This funding cut had a notable effect on our operations. To mitigate the impact, we had to remove a part-time position and scale back services. Despite a 14% decrease in revenue compared to the previous year, effective cost control measures and solid community collaborations led to a positive financial result for the year, allowing us to continue making a difference through the arts.

Total $182,135 in revenue

Total Investment of $178,254

2023 Board of Directors

Lew Wallace, President

Dawn Kaam, Vice President

Paul Steinmetz, Secretary

Paula Woodhouse, Treasurer

Andrea Gartner, Executive Director for Norwalk River Valley Trail

Vicki Taylor-Bloch , CoOwner, At Home Design

Matt Austin, Nuvance

“Suze” Susan Shaner, Founder and Principal of Sage Leadership Strategies, LLC

Mikayla Hill, Author and Reading Instructor

Dennis Daugherty, Former President of SCORE for Western Connecticut


Being part of a dynamic community bursting with creative minds from all artistic backgrounds, igniting fresh ideas and bringing ambitious projects to life.

Immersing yourself in a vibrant art scene, attending captivating gallery openings, mesmerizing theater performances, and vibrant parks. Embrace engaging discussions, continuous learning, and a vibrant celebration of artistic expressions from various perspectives.

A flourishing arts sector driving economic growth, with thriving studios, galleries, and innovative startups forming valuable partnerships, attracting investments, and drawing in visitors from near and far.

A community that values and amplifies all voices through the arts.

A community nurturing creative talent of the next generation.

Stay Informed. Get Inspired.

Stay up-to-date with the latest information, resources, and happenings related to arts and culture in Western CT. 

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