July Member Spotlight

Alice Schuette | June 28, 2022

Byrd’s Books (view profile)

Byrd’s books is the quinteseential small town bookstore that brings a community together. One of Bethel’s greatest gems, Byrd’s books offers a grand selection of reading in a variety of genres, along with poetry readings, author signings and book clubs. The staff is frinedly, knowledgeable and ready to welcome visitors young and old. If you have a passion for story telling and the written word, Byrd’s Books, and the heart of Bethel, is the place to be. Online ordering, gift certificates and event registration are all available from their website.

Diana LeRoi-Schmidt (view profile)

Diana is our very own web developer extraordinaire here at the CAWCT! Photography is her first love, which is evident in the vibrant visuals she designs and creates. As a kid, Diana was never without pencils and paper. Today, she’s an expert in computer generated arts, but always with a camera in hand to bring to life the images she captures. To find out more about Diana, her photography and web expertise, check out her profile.

Lounsbury House (view profile)

The Lounsbury House is a stunning landmark in the beautiful town of Ridgefield. The elegant space was built in 1896 by then Governor Phineas Lounsbury, and serves as the perfect venue for any of life’s special celebrations. The renowned staff pays attention to every detail, and its striking location just beackons the perfect photo op. It’s a true asset to the town of Ridgefield and surrounding communities. Check out their upcoming events, or as a venue for your next gathering!

The Music Learning Center(view profile)

The Music Learning Center is a true gift to music lovers in the Danbury region. Since 1993, their highly trained, patient, and dedicated staff have taught thousands of students. The learning environment is engaging, as they strive to provide a unique and fun enviroment for their students. Lessons are available for all the most popular instruments, including piano, guitar, voice, drums, violin, cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone and many others. This is the go-to place for those interested in taking up an instrument or working on vocal skills. Check out their website for classes in-studio, online or for hybrid options.

Toni Miraldi (view profile)

Toni’s artistic inspiration comes from the natural world and the balance of opposing forces found in nature: fragile and strong, beautiful and gruesome, independent from human influence and also sculpted by it. Her background in graphic design and interior design are the filters through which she approaches her subjects. Toni studied history, art and literature at Wheaton college. After a career in e-commerce and graphic design, she reentered the art world and launched Mural Envy LLC in 2016. Today, Toni’s murals, paintings and prints can be found in public, private, and commercial collections across the United States and in the UK. Find out more about Toni and her artwork on her profile.