Tracing Pathways Into STEAM Careers with I Was A Kid

I Was a Kid | Aug 30, 2022 

First: Professionals and students in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math careers trace their pathways from childhood to their current positions.

Second: Award-winning author, illustrator, and science communicator Karen Romano Young tells these stories through comics, photographs, audio, video, graphics, and text.

Third: Through the website I Was A, students age 10 and up are inspired by people representing minorities in race, religion, background, sexuality, mental and physical ability.

On September 10, 2022, from 11 to 1 in the Q?rius Lab at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Karen Romano Young shares the what, where, how, and why of her I Was A Kid initiative, describing partnerships with the American Geophysical Union, the International Ocean Discovery Program, the Girguis Laboratory at Harvard University, and the Alvin Science Verification Expedition — and outlines her next steps of seeking education distribution for print materials and funding for the project’s new phase of developing curriculum support, further content, and future partnerships.

Karen Romano Young has published more than 30 books for young people. She is the creator of the climate science comic #AntarcticLog, born of one of her dozen trips into the fields with research scientists. I Was A Kid falls at the intersection of these passions and is devoted to increasing access to and diversity in the STEAM fields.

This will be a hybrid event.