The New York Times Features Ridgefield

Hamlet Hub | Aug 13, 2021 

Yesterday, The New York Times boasted about Ridgefield in an article titled “Ridgefield, Conn.: Arts, Culture and Open Space.” 

Published on the heels of Ridgefield becoming Connecticut’s first Cultural Destination in the state, the article states: “In this lake-dappled town in Fairfield County, the arts are the ‘engine that drives our community.’ But the charming Main Street may be the biggest lure.”

The arts are truly the heart of the article that leads with the story about ACT of Connecticut’s Broadway mavens Daniel C. Levine and Bryan Perri who moved from New York City to Ridgefield. Levine and Perri currently live in a cottage that once belonged to Jolie Gabor, the mother of Zsa Zsa, Eva and Magda Gabor.

The article reads, “Few people embody the romance of Manhattan more than Daniel C. Levine and Bryan Perri. Mr. Levine began acting on Broadway in the mid-1990s, appearing in hits like “Les Misérables” and “Mamma Mia!” Mr. Perri, a Broadway music director and conductor, led the orchestra for “Wicked” for five years and is now attached to the Alanis Morissette musical “Jagged Little Pill.” Yet the couple, who are married, found magic in the air some 60 miles northeast of Times Square — in Ridgefield, Conn.” 

The Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center, The Prospector Theater, The Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield Theater Barn and The Aldrich are also mentioned. “The 21-year-old Ridgefield Playhouse typically puts on more than 300 one-night shows a year, including concerts and comedy acts, while the Ridgefield Theater Barn is embarking on a 4,800-square-foot expansion of the former dairy barn that has been its home for more than half a century.”

In addition to quotes from Levine, Jennifer Rose DiLaura, the chair of the Ridgefield Arts Council and First Selectman Rudy Marconi speak about Ridgefield’s incredible arts and culture. Marconi says that the arts are the “engine” that drives our community.

The article also spotlights the local real estate market and makes mention of Ridgefield Olympian Kieran Smith who just earned the bronze medal in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo! 

We truly have much to celebrate and be thankful for here in Ridgefield!