Self-Certification Required Prior to Reopening on May 20

Lisa Scails | May 14, 2020

As a follow up to last week’s release of the reopening rules, businesses and non-profits planning to open on May 20 (or during Phase 1) must certify with the state that they understand and will comply with these rules.

The rules were developed by public health officials and the business community and include detailed information about physical distancing, hygiene, sanitizing, personal protective equipment (PPE), scheduling, and training. They were designed to protect employees and customers and begin the reopening of our state as safely and efficiently as possible.

The mandatory self-certification process only takes a few minutes and can be found online at Certification must be completed before a business can reopen.

After completing the certification, companies can download Safety Signage and a Badge to display at their place of business and post on their website or social media channels. Posting of these materials is completely voluntary.

We will continue to share information about the reopening of the state and publish news to Connecticut’s coronavirus website as it becomes available.

David Lehman, Commissioner