Regional Initiative Grants [REGI]

 The Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut is privileged to be a partner and administrator of the Regional Initiative Grant Program, an annual Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) initiative with available state funding for our region!

The REGI grant program is in a class by itself, supporting small arts projects that are germane to our region’s citizenry and businesses, culture and trends. The REGI funding dollars are available for local artists, creative entrepreneurs, curators/event planners, arts organizations, non-arts organizations with publicly accessible arts-based programs, and school districts or individual Pre-K through Grade 12 schools.

There are 9 regional organizations including the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut that partner with the COA to administer this grant.  Each region benefits from the equitable distribution of arts and culture dollars!

The Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut provides:

  • an overview of the Grant application process,
  • one-to-one and group guidance working to ensure applications are complete and meet COA requirements,
  • back room support – we select and convene the review panel team and manage the application review process,
  • submit recommendation for funding to the CT Office of the Arts

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