Rauschenberg Medical Emergency Grants

NYFA | May 15, 2023

The current round of Rauschenberg Medical Emergency Grants is nearing the May 19th deadline, and to date there are no applications from artists in Connecticut. We hope to reach artists in need across the country, so if you’re able to push out some information/encouragement to your constituents, we would really appreciate it! Here’s a link to our FB post, and also a short blurb:


Rauschenberg Medical Emergency Grants Cycle 18 is open through May 19. These national grants of up to $5,000 support direct treatment expenses for medical, dental or mental health emergencies that occurred September 1, 2022 or later; the deadline is May 19, 2023. Choreographers, those creating in the visual arts, and those creating in the film/video/electronic/digital arts, living anywhere in the U.S., D.C, US territories, or tribal nations are eligible. Cycle 19 will open June 20, with a deadline of July 21, for emergencies occurring December 1, 2022 and later. A recorded information session, along with guidelines and the online application, are available here

Thank you so much!

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Mollie Quinlan-Hayes

Rauschenberg Grants Coordinator


New York Foundation for the Arts

(212) 366-6900, ext. 239