Emerging Irish Artist Shares Love of Home in her Photography


Marion Lynott’s heritage inspires her art and allows her to convey the feelings of home wherever she travels.

Marion grew up on a small farm in Glenmore, Co. Mayo, a village in the West of Ireland. She believes this is where her love of nature, animals, and rural life came from. It’s in her genes!

On the other hand, she has no idea where her passion for photography comes from. But she knows that she loves to share the beauty of nature.

My goal is to have my artwork viewed around the world in hotels, restaurants, corporate buildings — anywhere that landscape and the small intricacies of nature are appreciated, and where viewing it can bring a little extra happiness and tranquility to people.”

Her collection, “Memories of Home,” features pictures of the West of Ireland and farm life. Her images capture Marion’s love for animals and the beauty of the west.

Marion spent most of her career in corporate America and started her own health and wellness business in 2017. She focuses on ergonomic consulting and personal health coaching. “Most people I coach are striving for happiness and simplification in their lives,” Marion says. “And when I look at my pictures, that is what I see.”

As a member of the 2nd Company Governor’s Horse Guard, Marion gets to be surrounded by horses and the peaceful facility in Newtown, CT, every week. “This is my sanity,” Marion says. “I love horses and have several pieces which show the absolute magnificence and beauty of these animals.”

Marion’s work was recently exhibited at the Irish Cultural Society of New England in Canton, MA.

It feels so good to get my pictures out there for the public to see, and those who stopped by LOVED them,” she relates. “And I love the way my collection makes Irish people feel about home, or how it brings back great memories of a trip to Ireland, or how it inspires them to take a trip over there. Makes it all worthwhile!

Nine framed pieces of the collection “Memories of Home” are on display at an exhibition made possible by the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut and it’s Accessible Art Project. You can stop by Hancock Hall, 31 Staples St., in Danbury any day of the week between 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. from now until Feb 15, 2019.

Hancock Hall is a proud supporter of the arts and has been bringing accessible art to their patients and visitors for several years.

Marion can be reached by calling (347) 207-9527.