Bills Affecting Arts and Culture

CT Arts Alliance | February 23, 2021 

Keeping track of all the bills during the legislative session can be difficult. To help, we’ve put together a list of priority bills that we’ll be monitoring closely as well as other bills that are important to the arts & culture sector.

Priority Bills

These bills directly address CAA’s policy priorities and have the widest impact on the arts & culture community:

H.B. 6119 – “An Act Concerning Arts, Culture, and Tourism Funding”
Purpose: to strengthen the arts, culture, and tourism sector in Connecticut by directing additional funds into the Tourism Fund

S.B. 146 – “An Act Authorizing Sports Wagering, Internet Gambling, Internet Lottery and Internet Keno”
Relevance: Potential and planned revenue source to the Tourism Fund

H.B. 5853 – “An Act Concerning the Retail Sale and Taxation of Marijuana”
Relevance: Potential revenue source to the Tourism Fund

H.B. 5184 – “An Act Imposing a Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages”
Relevance: Potential revenue source to the Tourism Fund.

S.B. 298 – “An Act Concerning the Reuse of Works of Art in State Buildings”
Relevance: It would eliminate the State’s Percent for Art program. The sector should oppose this bill.