The Cultural Alliance works with legislative, regional, and community leaders to ensure that arts and culture remain a strategic priority for quality of life and a vibrant engine of economic growth. We give voice to the creative community through shaping policy decisions, encouraging dialog and participation, and increasing public engagement with arts and culture.

Western CT Economic Advisory Group

We are a member of the Western CT Economic Advisory Group that guided the process of Western Connecticut Economic Development Plan. The advisory group served to assist the Western Connecticut Council of Governments in the development of the Plan. The Arts was identified as a priority objective for economic development and embedded in the CEDS Goals and Objectives.


The Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut is a proud co-sponsor of the CREATE THE VOTE campaign. Join us! Help give arts a louder voice! Whether you are an artist, an arts administrator, a board member of a cultural organization, a business that supports the arts, or someone who enjoys the arts, you have a reason to advocate. 



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