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Discovery your journey.

Are you looking to do something meaningful: long-lasting about racism? Maybe you’re not sure where to start? Walk in Their Shoes offers you the space needed to dig in and unpack the generational impact of racial disparities. You’ll be better able to increase equity and in your field of influence with more clarity and purpose. Find all the support you need to get grounded in this work. Get on a solid track with Walk in Their Shoes.

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  • 10 sessions -small group interaction.
  • 16 hours of highly focused: high impact online conversations
  • Access to curated materials, resources, and support to help you get grounded.
  • Access to a social network sharing the same interests
  • Weekly one-to-one support, as needed.


  • May 5th: Orientation + overview
  • May 12th: Structural Racism: How did we get here?
  • May 19th: Empowerment & Social Justice
  • May 26th: DEI Policy and Best Practice -Setting the stage
  • June 16th – July 14th: “How to Be an Antiracist” by Dr. Ibram Kendi: a book discussion series
  • July 21st: Check in: Closing and Sharing Anti-Racism Actionable + Sustainable Practices

The Pledge: “I’ll make a commitment to identify 3 actionable and sustainable anti-racist practices within six months geared toward meaningful change.”


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Connect with us for occasional discussions open to the public related to equity and justice.

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