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New to antiracism? Have you been around this work for a while now, but are finally ready to take your personal work more seriously? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the severity of racism and confused by where to start? Here we offer clarity, direction, and outcomes.

Walk in Their Shoes Pledge

As the nation reckons with America’s original sin of racism, many are now doing this work. Various calls-to-actions may even seem to contradict one another. We want to be clear what it means to be part of the Walk in Their Shoes Ally group. There’s just one requirement to be successful here:

Make a commitment to identify 3 actionable and sustainable anti-racist practices within six months geared toward meaningful change. 

We Support You


We will not let our members go at it alone. CA is providing hands on support to help you navigate.

- Lisa Scails

Executive Director, Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut


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Not ready to commit, but want to be part of the conversation? Connect with us for occasional discussions open to the public related to equity and justice.

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