Public Art

Ribbon Cutting & Unveiling

Thursday, November 2nd 4:30 PM


30 Crosby Street
Danbury, CT 06810

 Parking: Street parking on Lee Hartel and Crosby Streets. Patriot Garage on 21 Delay Street

CityCenter Danbury, selects John BonSignore, a renowned artist from Redding, CT, to create a sculpture for its downtown area.

The sculpture project is part of an ongoing effort to attract and engage visitors and businesses. BonSignore, who has been making sculptures for over 20 years, has works across the US and Japan. He is honored and excited to work on this project. The sculpture entitled “Mentor” is from the Toe Dancer series and is expected to be installed fall 2023.

The Mentor

Mentorship is the sharing of knowledge and experience, to achieve a skill and instill confidence, to attain competency in a chosen interest, so as to fulfill one’s dreams. Dance, worldwide, is one of the oldest forms of expression, which can take on multiple directions. It can be a discipline, a passing along of culture, an activity of celebration, or just for fun, as we experience as children.

“I have chosen to demonstrate mentorship through dance as my subject matter for creating this sculpture. Dance is used to express oneself, pass along cultural connections, bring one’s inner feelings out, connect with each other physically and be playful at any age. Mentorship being the guiding tool is ageless.”

Toe Dancer: Moment of Movement

A toe dancer seems aloof, but she radiates a dream of curiosity and attraction. “As an artistic expression, I see the toe dance as a creative arrangement, that allows me to glimpse the underlying form of the subject. The aim is to observe and capture a single element of a movement, using line. Stainless steel is my preferred medium, for its lasting durability, which enhances a moment of movement and gesture in each pose; smooth, precise, with a graceful finish of continuous flow.”

About the Commission

The Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut and CityCenter Danbury invited Artists or Artist Teams to design and install site-specific feature artwork(s) for 30 Crosby Street, Danbury, CT. The site location is outdoors and on property owned by BRT Brookview, LLC. The location was selected to acknowledge BRT Brookview, LLC, as a key investor in Danbury’s central business district. BRT Brookview, LLC serves a broad cross-section of tenants in greater Danbury, Connecticut from young professionals starting out to seniors looking to enjoy the area’s vibrant retirement lifestyle. The Artist selected is awarded a contract of $30,000.

As harmony is one of the core pillars of CityCenter Danbury, the goal is to develop artwork that not only encourages an environment of unity and physical connection– creating a bridge for people to experience each other – but also to reflect on the timeless “child-like” feelings that reaches across boundaries, taps into a spirit of innocence, and inspires playfulness. The theme for the project is Childs Play: A sharing of Origins – to express the unifying attributes of art through the lens of a child for all ages.

Visual Art in Work Places has it’s rewards.

We are accepting applications for solo art exhibitions at two locations: Hancock Hall and Connecticut Institute for Communities.

2D & small sculpture works only.

Engage more with your staff, clients, visitors.

Hancock Hall specializes in Short-Term Rehab, Long-Term Care, and Respite Care. They provide a broad range of assistive and rehabilitative services, 24 hours a day. We’ve been partners for years providing a rotating visual art exhibit for the facility. A rewarding experience for employees, residents, visitors, and participating artists. Photo: (2022) Diana Gubbay, Artist; Adrienne Thompson, Matt Knickerbocker

Integrate the arts to reflect an inclusive work environment and diversity.

Connecticut Institute for Communities (CIFC) is an important service provider supporting the healthcare needs of low-income children in greater Danbury, while offering residency programs for graduate medical education. We love their commitment to integrate the arts through the lens diversity and inclusion. Video: “A Mindful Path Home” Art Exhibit (2022) Dedan Davenport, Artist

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Past Projects

Sculpture adds to the experience.

Perched on a hilltop in the Sandy Hook section of Newtown, Aquila’s Nest Vineyards is an innovative family-owned winery, tasking room and event venue. We partnered with the winery in 2021/2022 and presented outdoor sculptural exhibits at this stunning space.

An 1800 Square Foot Wall Mural at Danbury Fair

The Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut and Danbury Fair Mall engaged artists for a large-scale mural installation at 7 Backus Ave. The opportunity attracted artists from CT, NY, NJ, MA, and other parts of the country.

Jobs for Artists and Arts Organizations

We teamed with Art in Common of Ridgefield to expand the mural project at Danbury Fair Mall. Six permanent but moveable mural canvases to showcase local and aspiring artists. 

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