Ink and High Fluid Acrylic on Canvas


Youngheui Lee Lim

Since I was a child, I’ve been developing empathy for other people’s struggles and their emotions, especially when the emotions emerge from their life struggles. Many people struggle to find their identity, sexuality or meaning of life. Beyond the simple emotions such as sadness, happiness, joy or anger, some emotions have many levels and intensity since they are deeply rooted in their existential questions. We could name it anxiety, bitterness, loneliness, but there are emotions we cannot describe clearly with words. My work expresses those emotions that are indescribable, especially the ones caused by internal struggles; With multiple lines, my recent work focuses on my own emotions that are caused and make effects in daily life. These lines are not only metaphors of personal emotions but also my stories. As I make marks, the lines create personal space and boundaries. At the same time, the lines interweave and connect between the world and my stories. The deeper I delve into my story, the more I work to define my identity as I repeat the lines. I strive continually to express the meanings I seek to express and represent. I have found the lines as a means of discovering my own uniqueness and creativity in the forms I am rendering.