Ecuadorian Children



Ilene Schwartz-Montesinos

Ilene is a photographer with a life-long love of art and nature. She taught biology for more than 30 years for the NYC Department of Education. Her images of the natural world allow others to see with fresh eyes and in ways that might not be immediately obvious to the casual viewer. By bringing you into the center of a flower, a close up of a lion in Africa, or the intricate spirals of a fern, Ilene takes the viewer into a new world that excites the imagination and opens the heart to the natural world. Ilene’s work has been seen in solo and group exhibitions at many galleries, libraries, and museums in the Greater New York area as well as in an International on-line show. Her photograph, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada won Honorable Mention at the Inside Small exhibition at the Greenwich Botanical Center. ‘Maple Leaf’ was also awarded Honorable Mention at the Botanical exhibition at the Light Space Time Online Art Gallery.