All across Connecticut, young artists are moving into rehabbed old buildings, setting up creative new businesses and bringing new life to their communities. I’d like to share two examples.

In Hartford’s Parkville neighborhood, factories and warehouses have been converted into apartments and commercial space. A new CPTV series called “The Parkville Sessions” tells this story through the eyes of some of the musicians who now call Parkville home.

But it’s not just a city thing. In Litchfield, the former Bantam Switch Factory has been renovated and converted into commercial space for artists and artisans. Today, the occupants of the Bantam Arts Factory are helping draw younger people to this rural town. “Arts means business,” says Jocelyn Ayer of the Northwest Hills Council of Governments.

Click the links below and get a sample of the exciting things arts are making happen in our communities!

The Parkville Sessions, Bantam Arts Factory, Bantam revitalization

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E Pluribus – Out of Many, One

E Pluribus – Out of Many, OneAntonia Schachter | March 7, 2019 “I personally feel that America is a multicolored, multifaceted nation of extremely diverse interests, views and substance and that is what makes it great. Our flag and our prophetic...

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American Flag

American flag art stars in upcoming show at @287 Gallery   by Paul Steinmetz | February 21, 2019 The @287 Gallery at 287 Main St. in Danbury will host an art exhibit of America’s dynamic pluralism as reflected in depictions of U.S. flags....

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What Does a Poet Laureate Do?

My first initiative, already underway, is placing poetry books in the waiting rooms of various business venues in Bethel–doctor’s offices, hair salons, business offices–any place where customers are required to wait. Who knows where a chance encounter with the poems of Billy Collins, Mary Oliver, Dick Allen, Rennie McQuilkin or Emily Dickinson might lead?

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Welcome to Our New Board of Directors!

With the new fiscal year underway, we are thrilled to welcome five new board members; Emily Anne Carney, Writer; Dennis Daugherty, Chairman of the Western Connecticut Chapter of SCORE; Joe Keneally, Technical Director, Sherman Chamber Ensemble; Vicki Taylor-Bloch, Interior Designer; and Paula Woodhouse, Head of Business Banking at Union Savings Bank.

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