We, Women: Photo-Based Projects, 2020

Antonia Schachter | June 14, 2019

We, Women is the largest social impact photography art project by women currently underway across the United States.

Starting in early 2020, we will create the largest storytelling platform of photo-based projects from across the United States, D.C., and Puerto Rico that tackles critical issues in our country right now from the perspective of women, transgender, and non-binary creatives.

By creating projects that unite and mobilize communities across the U.S., We, Women artists will show how issues are interconnected and how our actions impact each other—even when our experiences are distinctly different. Through this radical transformation of image-making, We, Women believes that we can revolutionize how we see our world and ultimately, ourselves.

We’re in the process of curating a roster of phenomenal artists—the majority of whom will be people of color— who are developing community engagement art projects on issues ranging from gun control and affordable housing to climate change and reproductive rights. You can read about our first five founding projects and artists in New York, Louisiana, California, Illinois, and New Mexico at https://www.wewomenphoto.com/artists/

Are you a woman, transgender, or non-binary artist focusing on a critical issue in the U.S. through photography and community engagement? Apply now to join the first round of We, Women artists. Proposals are due June 30!