“The Gallery” at City Hall shows William Frucht

News by Antonia Schachter | Originally Published in Hamlethub | March 20, 2019

Hanging on the walls of “The Gallery” at City Hall is the series “Ordinary Streets” by local photographer William Frucht. Frucht’s work came to us from the Cultural Alliance of Western CT’s Accessible Art Program.

“Ordinary Streets” runs through April 25th in “The Gallery,” on the 3rd Floor of Danbury City Hall.

Frucht shares his thought process behind “Ordinary Streets.”

“The nine photographs on display are part of a long-term project of photographing the entire state of Connecticut. This sounds ambitious, but on the other hand, it is one of our smaller states. I hope to avoid some of the commoner clichés of landscape photography. The world has enough sunsets behind lighthouses and weathered snow-covered barns. It also has enough pictures of spectacular suburban ugliness taken as acts of protest against the dehumanization of the built environment.”