The Connecticut LGBTQ+ Community

The CT LGBTQ+ Community Survey | April 16, 2021

Are you a member of Connecticut’s LGBTQ+ community?

Do you live in CT? Are you 18 years or older?
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Are you a member of the community that wants to help? An ally? Or an organization that supports the LGBTQ+ community? 

Throughout this email you will find printable flyers and social media content to use within your organization. Simply click on the image you wish to use, and the .png or .pdf file will automatically download. Print flyers to hang at your service locations, and/or share our social media posts on Facebook and Instagram (make sure to tag @ctlgbtqsurvey)! We need you to spread this survey far and wide so we can capture the diverse and vibrant voices of Connecticut.


Below we also included FAQs about the survey (click below).

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Do you have a question we haven’t answered? Need a customized flyer for your organization? Are you Proud to Count and want to learn of other ways to get involved? Click below and email. We are happy to help!

We need your help spreading the word about the Survey to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have their voice heard.