The Beauty of the Regional Initiative Grants [REGI]

Lisa scails | July 19, 2019

Okay friends, I admit it.  I am playing favorites. 

The Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) provides numerous grant opportunities for arts and culture-related projects for Connecticut. But, of all the grants available from COA for Connecticut’s artists, creative entrepreneurs, educators, non-profits, individuals and businesses— I favor the Regional Initiative Grants, or REGI.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not advocating for one grant over another. All the grants available through the COA help infuse important arts, culture, and economic benefits throughout Connecticut! But, the beauty of the REGI is threefold.

A little background on the REGI.  

The annual REGI grant provides funding to support and nurture small arts-based projects that are relevant, focuses on a specific community topic, reflects personal experience, engage people with the arts, and/or is designed to bring communities together.

The benefits of a regionally administered grant.

  • What makes this grant so appealing to me, and beneficial for applicants, is the pool of artists, arts organizations, non-arts organizations, educators, etc.,  competing for the grant are regional. Hence, a smaller pond. Can’t beat that!
  • I also love that the grant shoots an infusion of Arts dollars directly into the economy in our region. Grant recipients can be proud to know that they are contributing their vision to the Arts in our region. Bravo!
  • REGI is an easier grant process for applicants. Nice!

I encourage you to consider REGI.

The deadline for REGI is usually in June and has passed for this funding period. So, you have some time to digest the requirements and guidelines and decide if the REGI is for you.

Example of REGI projects!

Freed Formats: the book reconsidered is a traveling exhibition of 135 works from 53 artists representing 17 US states and 2 countries. A unique perspective of freeing the book, and what it means to engage with one.

The Ridgefield Independent Film Festival got its start with a REGI.

Bethel residents have been enjoying a wonderful sculpture garden.

The Newtown Train Mural brought a community together to celebrate their town.

Please read more below and start dreaming today!