Ridgefield’s Doyle Coffin Architecture Honored for Exceptional Commitment to the Arts

Antonia Schachter | October 8, 2019

Originally published on Friday, 04 October 2019 HamletHub Ridgefield, Written by Amy Webb

Peter Coffin and John Doyle of Doyle Coffin Architecture were honored Thursday night at a black-tie gala at the Central Park Boathouse in New York City for the Americans for the Arts’ National Arts and Business Partnership Award. Americans for the Arts, headquartered in Washington, DC is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts and arts education in America.

Doyle Coffin Architecture (DCA) is a second-generation architectural firm located in Ridgefield, Connecticut, dedicated to excellence in architectural design, sustainable design, and their surrounding communities. Given that the fields of architecture and the arts are kindred spirits in design, creativity, and thoughtfulness, supporting the arts comes as second nature to Doyle Coffin Architecture. For more than twenty years, DCA has been involved in building projects that benefit their local cultural institutions. They contribute pro-bono work, serve as members of a building committees, and provide expertise with attention to historic aesthetic and context. They are relentlessly committed to helping cultural organizations achieve their mission through thoughtfully designed and maintained spaces.

In his remarks before the 150 attending the event, Peter Coffin noted “Doyle Coffin Architecture is proud to support the arts, not only through donations and offering pro-bono design services, but also by integrating artwork in our designs. We believe it is critical to show strong community support for art and cultural institutions as they represent the community’s broad commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, a fundamental element to the furthering of human intellectual growth. The Prospector Theater project in Ridgefield, Connecticut opened our eyes to the power of art in architecture as an opportunity to enhance personal experiences and to enliven a community through art.”

Peter Coffin, Partner

Presented annually, the Arts and Business Partnership Awards honor 10 U.S. companies, a business leader, and an arts and business partnership for their exceptional commitment to the arts through grants, local partnerships, volunteer programs, matching gifts, sponsorships, and board membership.