Amy Salerno

Amy Salerno

Biographical Info My work can best be described as Dreamscapes. I’ve been a storyteller for as long as I can recall, delving between tales of the written word to the visual narrative. Over the last few years I have created a mixed media artform combining encaustic painting with contemporary mosaic. Embedded within the rich layers of pigmented wax are artifacts ranging from Venetian, gold smalti to crystal beads from broken necklaces and foreign coins from my travels. I create Dreamscapes to transport others out of their everyday routines, becoming lost in time- between the ancient and the future. Recently, I have become dedicated to creating public artworks in the form of large mosaic murals. The experience of apprenticing with Isaiah Zagar of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens has inspired me to create cooperative artworks in which people have the opportunity to share their stories through the artmaking process as well as in the completed work. I want people to dream the impossible dream and help them create it.

Email Address

Address 623 Avalon Lake Rd
Danbury, CT 06810

Phone Number (631) 707-2488

Artist Categories Fine Artist, Painter, Mixed Media

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