Immerse Yourself in Art and Music with Immaculate’s Virtual Fine Arts Festival

Janine Azzi | June 8, 2020

Immaculate High School invites the public to view its Virtual Fine Arts Festival, a new and unique program that will showcase the artistic and musical talents of IHS students and allow you to immerse yourself in galleries of original art, music, skits, magic and more. The Virtual Fine Arts Festival can be viewed at that time or anytime afterwards by going online. See link below. 

This new event is available to everyone, and a great way to enjoy the arts for free from your home. The IHS Virtual Fine Arts Festival will offer participants the ability to see and hear actors, musicians and singers perform, as well as enter virtual galleries where you can see student works of art and learn about their process by clicking on individual artwork. Some of the highlights include:  

  • The Drama Showcase features songs, skits, monologues, movies and magic. The Music Band Gallery and Art of Making Music Gallery shares performances by IHS band members, musicians and singers. Many genres and artists will be represented including piano covers, rock songs and electronic music, as well as original music from students including Immaculates’ Sound Design class and music video projects. 
  • The Graphic Design Gallery displays the original artwork of Graphics I, Graphics II, Graphics III (UCONN ECE) students, along with students’ comments about their process. The Fine Art Gallery exhibits Fine Arts students’ artwork through a series of linked galleries in which visitors can click through each room and on individual pieces to see them in detail and learn about each individual piece of art.  

“The IHS Virtual Fine Arts Festival highlights our students’ own personal tastes and individual voices and talents. Though some of the artwork and music was created during social distancing from their homes, the entire festival is a representation of the hard work students have put in over the entire school year, and all of it is a testament to their spirit, talent and dedication to their craft,” said Samantha Kohler, IHS Graphic Arts teacher and Chairperson of the Fine Arts Department.