Great Hollow Artists Invitational 2020 September 18 – October 28, 2020 Virtual Presentation on Street Photography by Neil Zobler, Oct 15, 7pm

Sherman Library | September 17, 2020

The Sherman Library is pleased to announce a group show by the Great Hollow Artists. The featured artists were part of the Great Hollow Juried Virtual Painting and Photography Show (May 15 – June 30, 2020) sponsored by the Great Hollow Photographers Club. The winners, honorable mentions and a few others have been invited to participate and share their love of nature depicting wildlife, the seasons and quiet time in the woods. The exhibit will be on display at the Sherman Library from September 18 – October 28, 2020 both at the Library and on their website,

Over twenty artists included in the show are: Carolyn Cohen, Jeff Ginsburg, Justin Goodhart, Kelly Goodhart, Janet Greco, Jane Haslam, Linda Hubbard, Kathy L’Hommedieu, Dennis Larkin, Li Lu, Mary Jane Magoon, Basha Maryanska, Annie McAward, Adele Moros, John O’Donnell, Masumi O’Donnell, Eve Papa, Susan Rostenberg, Judith Secco, Jim Stasiak, and Neil Zobler.

These artists plus the other artists in the Great Hollow Virtual Juried Art Show 2020 raised over $1300 for the Great Hollow Nature Preserve. The funds raised came from the artists’ participation fees and the customers that purchased paintings and photographs. The Great Hollow Photographers Club presented a check to Chad Seewagen, Executive Director of Great Hollow, on July 31, 2020. Great Hollow Nature Preserve and Ecological Research Center, 255 State Road 37, New Fairfield, Connecticut is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to land and wildlife conservation, applied ecological research, experiential environmental education, and outdoor recreational opportunities for the public enjoyment of nature.

In addition to the artwork, there will also be a virtual presentation by one of the participants, Neil Zobler, an accomplished local photographer. He will be presenting a virtual talk and slide show on

Street Photography On Thursday October 14 at 7 PM. Zobler, a resident of New Fairfield and Manhattan, is an experienced world traveler, speaks multiple languages, loves people and usually is not afraid to talk to them. His photos of chance encounters and random incidents within public places capture people and sometimes traces left by humanity that say something about life. In the street, he is always looking for patterns, designs and reflections, interesting street people, unusual places and views, environmental portraits, and of course, humor. During the presentation, he will give tips on how he does this and what you should look for in doing your own photography.

For more information about the Great Hollow Photographers Club, visit the Great Hollow Photographers Facebook page.

For more information about the show, how to register for the virtual presentation and the Sherman Library, visit: