Getting Started

Just Breathe!

You are likely coming to this work overwhelmed with a sense of urgency to just “do something,” because you finally get how bad things are. It is understandable and we get it. But take a deep breath and keep moving forward!

Antiracism is lifetime work. However, choosing to become an antiracist does not take a lifetime – someone who actively opposes racism in all forms, including themselves. You will get there and getting frustrated with yourself for not being where you think you should be is normal. Do not let it discourage or distract you.

The fight against racism, social inequities and injustice can be confusing as you dive in but remember this is a world that has taken centuries to create. Your commitment to be here and do this work is the most important step you can take. It is a process to truly understanding the racial inequalities and social injustices in our country, our communities, and how it all plays into our own thought patterns, decision making, and behaviors. It will take time to unravel and decide meaningful action in your practice.

Take a moment to get centered and get prepare to be uncomfortable. You will be exposed to lot of information and if you burn out before you even start, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) are the ones who will continue to suffer. So, let us get started.