FY20 Connecticut Arts Endowment Fund Now Available

Antonia Schachter | November 5, 2019

Overview & Eligibility

The Connecticut Arts Endowment Fund (CAEF) was established by the Connecticut General Assembly to stimulate the development of private sector funding and to ensure the long-term stability of Connecticut’s arts industry by providing funding to organizations.

The Fund is managed by the Office of the State Treasurer and the program is administered by the Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA). Interest earned on the Fund’s principal is distributed annually to arts organizations that qualify by raising more than $15,000 in donor contributions from private-sector, non-governmental sources for two (2) consecutive fiscal years.

CAEF grants are “unrestricted,” that is, organizations may apply funds toward program­ming, administrative or operational costs, capital projects, equipment purchase, or to build their own endowments.