Event Safety Guide and Webinar for Live Music Presenters

Lisa Scails | May 14, 2020

Folk Alliance International is proud to support the distribution of The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide which was released by the Event Safety Alliance.

While we are still a long way from any return to normal and the return of live performances, the guide is key to proactively considering all of the aspects related to the protection of your staff, volunteers, guests, artists, and crew when you are eventually able to reopen. Drawing on input from over 300 presenting organizations of all sizes, the guide focuses on a modest approach to reopening, mindful of the limited resources and capacity for many smaller and non-profit organizations as they navigate the risks and consider their legal duty of care.

Please scroll down and download (and share) the free Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide.

Additional links to information and relief funds related to the COVID19 pandemic are found on our new site at www.folk.org/resources and a list of all our upcoming and archived webinars at www.folk.org/resources/upcoming-webinars.