2018 Awardee: Dr. Colette Hall, Hartford Symphony Orchestra

Elizabeth L. Mahaffey Arts Administration Fellowship

Antonia Schachter | February 1, 2019

The Elizabeth L. Mahaffey Arts Administration Fellowship provides funding to arts administrators to pursue professional development activities that will advance their careers in arts administration.  Arts administration is the field that concerns the business operations of an arts organization, including but not limited to staff management, public relations/marketing, budget management, fund-raising, program development and evaluation and board relations.

The Elizabeth L. Mahaffey Arts Administration Fellowship is named in honor of Elizabeth L. Mahaffey, a former staff member who was an extraordinary mentor to young professionals pursuing a career in arts administration.  The Fellowship was established upon her retirement after more than 20 years of dedicated service at the Connecticut Commission on the Arts.

To be eligible, individuals must:

  • Be a Connecticut resident;
  • Be employed at a Connecticut non-profit arts organization; and
  • Have a minimum of two (2) years and no more than ten (10) years of experience in the arts field.

Fellowships are non-matching awards of $2,500.  There is no predetermined number of Fellowships to be awarded.  The Connecticut Office of the Arts determines the number of Fellowships awarded.

May 1, 2019 – April 30, 2020

Funds may be used towards costs directly related to professional development activities that take place within the funding period, including but not limited to:

  • Tuition or registration fees for workshops, conferences, and trainings;
  • Fees to work directly with a consultant or career coach; and
  • Travel and hotel costs associated with attending a workshop, conference or training.


  • Funding to offset applicant’s regular salary or wages;
  • Funding to offset general operating costs of the applicant’s affiliated arts organization;
  • Costs incurred outside the funding period.


Prepare a Word document and include the following information:

  1. Applicant Information
    Include full name, title, affiliated arts organization and contact information. 
  2. Activity Description
    Provide a brief description of each professional development activity you wish to undertake.  If requesting multiple activities, please list in priority order.  Description should include specific information on service provider, date, location, and cost for each activity.  (75-word maximum for each activity)
  3. Proposed Impact
    Describe how each activity will help you advance your career as an arts administrator.  (200-word maximum)
  4. Required Attachments
  • Applicant’s resume
  • One (1) letter of recommendation from applicant’s affiliated arts organization

Send email with attachments to Rhonda F. Olisky at rhonda.olisky@ct.gov
The subject of the email should read:  MAHAFFEY FELLOWSHIP:  Your Name.
You will receive a confirmation email.

DEADLINE: Applications are due March 29, 2019 by 5:30 pm.
REPORTING REQUIREMENTS: Grant recipients shall submit a final report within 60 days of completion of the funding period or following completion of the funded activities if sooner.

QUESTIONS: Contact Rhonda F. Olisky at 860-500-2452