E Pluribus – Out of Many, One

Antonia Schachter | March 7, 2019

“I personally feel that America is a multicolored, multifaceted nation of extremely diverse interests, views and substance and that is what makes it great. Our flag and our prophetic motto remind us that we can be very different and yet still come together in harmony, Out of Many, One.”

– Muriel Stockdale

The Cultural Alliance is kicking off 2019, a year of impactful exhibits. Starting with Muriel Stockdale’s United States flag series, E Pluribus – Out of Many, One. Each flag is exquisitely handcrafted in the USA. Made from fabrics representing diverse cultures that make up our beautiful American mosaic. This is a show not to be missed!

Meaning Behind the Phrase E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum originates from the idea that out of the union of the original Thirteen Colonies emerged a new single nation. It is emblazoned across the scroll. It is clenched in the eagle’s beak on the Great Seal of the United States.1

Project Mission

Stockdale’s mission for this project is to speak out and celebrate diverse America. She writes, “Only by recognizing each other within our rights to be different may we restore hope and freedom for all people.”

Superbly Timed and Deeply Needed

I am a lover of the arts and a strong believer in the beauty of our multicultural, diverse, family. I believe this exhibit is superbly timed and deeply needed. I am grateful that art with such influence will be at the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut. We must continue to celebrate this wonderful country, our local communities’ diversity, and our leadership role as a country.

Stockdale has Been Creating Additions to Her Series Since 2003

The flags have been seen in over 20 venues including La Guardia College, Queens Libraries, and galleries in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut.

In 2011, Trinity Church Community Center commissioned to oversee construction of a community art flag to honor the tenth anniversary of 9/11. That 8 by 12ft flag, entitled “Out of Many, ONE” can now be seen at The Parish Place on the corner of Rector Street and Trinity Place.

The Interest Continues

The New Britain Museum of American Art now owns the original E Pluribus African flag as part of its permanent collection. In 2018 she was invited to create a site-specific installation for a ceiling flag at the World Trade Center. BRIC Arts Media of Brooklyn has invited Stockdale to show E Pluribus flags in the summer of 2019.

What a treat – art created with a mission shown right here – @287Gallery, Danbury, Connecticut!

Join Us

March 15th at 5:30pm, in celebrating the multi-cultural and diverse fabric of our country.

1  The Great Seal of the United States – U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Public Affairs (Page: 6)