The Devastators Plot

Acrylic Magic Marker Watercolor Mixed Media on Canvass and Paper Photomechanical prints mounted on foam core.


Mark Aldrich

Shards of Time, an illustrated book series, reflects over forty years of research, writing and drawing. The ideas are a product of the upbringing and education of Marc Aldrich. His mother was an artist and her early gifts to Marc were a love of Shakespeare, Poe, Dickens, and the Bible. Degrees in English, History, Library Science, Interior Design, and Theater help to inform the work.  As the librarian at a maximum-security prison, he directed a prisoner theater group for ten years. In 2010, Marc worked with Kenneth Lundquist Jr. owner of Wulflynx Studios, a consulting and production company, to produce a video of one of the episodes that included all illustration, panels, music, and actors’ voices.  In that same year, Ken and Marc mentored two students from Newtown High school in a job shadowing project that lasted eight weeks and produced an educational companion video that discussed visual quotation in Shards of Time.