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on Cavas | 16×12


Original painting, Acrylic on canvas. Monochromatic paintings, using mostly ivory black pigment and titanium white.

30% of sales supports the Cultural Alliance.

Alexis Duque

Imaginatively charting the psychological experience of space, Alexis Duque produces paintings and drawings of buildings and domestic interiors stacked and conglomerated into trippy, absurd mounds and towers. His compositions are detailed, highly organized, and meticulously architectural. With a psychedelic precision reminiscent of M.C. Escher’s, Duque uses perspectival tricks and surrealistic overlapping to render dozens of skyscrapers as a single red xxxxxxxxof collapsing into itself like a black hole. The wheeling bird’s-eye view that he often employs recalls the Italian Futurists? soaring imagery of cities as seen from airplanes. Through his playful stacking and piling, he reorders cities to examine the formal properties of their architectural Spaces.

Thomas Cale




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