International Womens Day

Acrylic on stretched canvas


Aviva Sakoisky

I wish to express the part of ‘seeing’ that goes deeper. What do we all share? Our common ‘femaleness’ and the ability to love which is represented here with images of our bodies and minds that bear messages.

Making art is a driving force in my life; I create to connect more deeply with myself and with others. Sometimes when I see an image that strikes me, I will photograph it for later reference, sometimes the images come from within. Often, I approach the work from the perspective of reflection and personal restoration of mind and spirit. I enjoy studying and delighting in objects and places that bring a sense of calm, beauty and serenity, but other times I want to express a question or even a quest. There are times when I hope to speak to the “self” living inside all of us by illuminating a feeling or point of view I hope to express, and then share it with others.