Ida B. Wells-Barnett

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on Wood

8in x 10in x 1.5in


I believe these American black women should be more prominent in history books. Ida B. Wells-Barnett was a prominent journalist, activist, and researcher, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In her lifetime, she battled sexism, racism, and violence. As a skilled writer, Wells-Barnett also used her skills as a journalist to shed light on the conditions of African Americans throughout the South.  Acrylic on wood

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Trine Giaever

Living in NYC for 23 years has given me the opportunity to experience art in many forms. I believe in art that transports you in some way. This quote sums it up nicely, ‘The artist gazes upon a reality and creates his own impression. The viewer gazes upon the impression and creates his own reality.’ ~Robert Brault

BA in Illustration from RISD; ( Also RISD’s European Honors Program in Rome) Masters in Painting from NYAA; Worked 10 years as an artist for the New York Daily News. Exhibited several times in Norway; and several galleries in the USA from CA,FL,CN,NJ,and New York City. Freelance illustrator now, predominantly for scientific works, currently in a juried art show at RoCA.

Thomas Cale