Herd Immunity

24 x 36


Arianne Wack

I paint places I miss. Perhaps it’s because the feel of a place is more acute when filtered through nostalgia. When constructing an image I’m aiming for two things; to capture the vibe, or feel of the place as well as highlighting a bit of oddness that heightens said feeling; a flock of pink flamingos on a suburban lawn, foliage not behaving as it should, or an encroachment of something incongruously abstracted. The slightly odd element is an homage of sorts, to the extraordinary that exists inside the ordinary; the intrinsic oddness of all things. Normalcy is a social construct and where it appears to exist it is a ruse, a flattening of the human experience that obstructs a person from fully living any given moment. I combine realism and expressionism, with a focus on light and color, pulling from masters like Hopper, Hockney and O’Keeffe, as well as cultural influences like Looney Tunes backgrounds and Lisa Frank color schemes. The combination of the historically celebrated ‘high brow’ with the quickly consumed and forgotten ‘low brow’ is for me another exercise in finding beauty, wherever and however it may exist, rather than relying on “normal” expectations and acceptance of beauty.