Come As You Are



Carmaine Bhatti

‘Over the Waters’ piece deals with the human life and suffering that exists within the perimeter of the Earth. The invisible grace and divine presence present in the midst of such circumstances is also prevalent.

‘Being Born’ piece represents birthing of a fetus inside the waters of a womb. The waters that not only feed the ‘to be born’ human being but the waters that also baptize and consecrate the chosen one before he or she is born. Most importantly, the umbilical cord connected to the outside and invisibles source is a reminder that God will provide for the one who is been called.

‘Water Collection in Kiribati’ piece
deals with the need for water where residents rely on rain—-rainwater is mainly used for drinking and daily business. People collect water in water bottles which they obtain by hanging their water bottles to palm trees. Environmental Health Officers closely monitor the quality of water and check if the water contains coliform or E.Coli. This is a critical environmental issue that needs serious attention. I have captured a visual narrative of our relationship with nature.




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