Broken Crayons Still Color

Mixed-media drawing Pen and ink, watercolor, glitter


Dianna Mammone

The goal of my brightly colored unique artwork is to offer a different way of looking at everyday life. With my unique style of line, color, and imagination, I hope to get others to pause and think. Maybe to chuckle or to consider the question, “have you ever seen anything quite like this?”

My process is easy.
Something catches my eye or imagination, maybe a doodle from my daily sketches, maybe a memory or a dream or idea. I pull it forward into my consciousness as I reach for paper and pencil. If whimsy comes, I welcome it! I start sketching. The art teacher in me cautions to “keep lines light until they’re right.”  The lines become shapes, next is color, either colored pencil, marker or paint, or fabric and stitches. I continue to work adding, examining, altering until my senses feel what I seek in my mind’s eye. Intuitively when I feel it’s right, a sly smile sneaks across my face. Art is magic. Isn’t life amazing?




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