Body Image



Lauren Clark

Art for me is like a habit ingrained into my blood. I find myself introducing aspects of art into daily life like schoolwork or birthday cards because it’s a tool I use to express myself. Though this expression has no greater meaning than just to show who I am, I value it because I often struggle to express myself physically. But drawing what I think is cute and fun, while also enjoying doing it. This makes art for me more of an outlet to just be as creative as I can and have fun and let my ideas and thoughts spill all over the page, So I can enjoy something that I make, and be proud of the skill and technique I put into my art.

When I try to stray from the type of art I like to do, it can be shown through what I make. The emotion I try to force on myself to make the piece just isn’t there; I do find though, that when I let myself not be restricted by all the labels, and the rules that I put on myself, I can make something that actually shows somewhat of an emotional piece without even thinking. The more I grow and learn, I realize my art grows with me too, not only with skill and technique, but what I draw, and the emotion I attempt to portray in it.

My art will continue to just be for fun, and to pass the time, as long as I am living and breathing. But I hope one day, when I finally start to experience the world for what it is, and explore my emotions, and how they really affect me, I can finally be seen through my art.




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