Oil on Canvas


Frank Blanchard

I paint figuratively and always have. I will never tire of the magic of seeing three-dimensional experience conjured upon a flat surface. The human image, human experience, and the human point of view are the primary focus of my work. How we make images of people says a lot about how we think of humanity.
I want my work to speak in terms of our experience of the world and the life we live in it. I look to ancient Classical art, to the artists of the Renaissance and Baroque, to all the rest of art history, to photography, to comics, to movies, and many other sources to guide me.

But what, after all, was humanism if not a love of humankind, and by token also of political activity, rebellion against all that tended to defile or degrade our conception of humanity? He had been accused of exaggerating the importance of form. But he who cherished beauty of form did so because it enhanced human dignity.”
–Thomas Mann from The Magic Mountain