American Flag: With Liberty and Justice for ALL

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On Canvas | 30in H x 40in W x 1in D


Black, white, and gray acrylic | 

30% of sales supports the Cultural Alliance.

David Finck

We live in dark times, in a country where there is neither fairness nor justice, a country controlled by the wealthy few who dominate our economy and, with malice and purpose, promote fear and mistrust of “the other” dividing those at the bottom and inciting some to antagonize, attack, and even kill those whom they fear. This flag represents these dark times, and also my hope that, as a society, we are inching toward a cusp beyond which is a new, better, and greater America, one in which no one class, race, ethnicity, group, demographic, or individual is supreme or superior to any other; an America without intolerance, without injustice, where anyone can walk, run, bike, drive, shop, move in, and hang out without stares, without questions, without fear; where we can pledge allegiance to a flag and a republic that truly provides liberty and justice for all.

Thomas Cale