It requires you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Here is the thing, it is not going to be easy to identify 3 actionable and sustainable practices for real change, For meaningful change to happen you will need to do the initial work to identify, unpack, and dismantle the ways your behaviors, decision making, and conversations perpetuate white supremacy. And to do that, you must understand how deeply rooted and pervasive racism is in this country and how that all has affected You. All other actions will fall into place once you have done the foundational work.

As you begin this journey, you will see there is a lot to unpack to get at the truth. This process is a slow and steady rather than an instant arrival at those truths. The WITS Framework provides its members with materials and resources. We create opportunities for shared learning (see wrap around services below)– While we strongly encourage it– you are not required to engage with these services. They are available to support you -as we believe that is our obligation and nothing more. That should put some minds at ease who worry about missing group discussions. How you go about educating yourself is up to you.

We are betting that if you signed up, your own self-determination for real change will guide you and get you where you need to be.