Cultural Alliance Calls for 1% for Arts


CAWCTJuly 1, 2021 

In April, the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut joined the Connecticut Arts Alliance call for 1% of America Recovery Plan funding be allocated for the Arts. We advocate that funding from the county allocation from the America Recovery Plan funds received by municipalities be used to support arts and the creative sector in each town. We know that a vibrant, thriving arts and culture scene directly benefits the recovery of restaurants, lodging, tourism, and hospitality industries. Furthermore, outdoor events throughout the summer and fall are vital for reviving downtowns, restoring jobs, and renewing our social connection. 1% will have a large and direct positive impact on cities and towns throughout Western Connecticut. These dollars can be used for direct grants to organizations or artists, sponsorships of cultural events, installation of public art or other local initiatives.

Estimated American Recovery Plan Funding


Direct Allocation

Estimated Funding from                          County Allocation

Total General Government Funding













New Fairfield
























New Milford





On behalf of the creative sector and our members, we asked each municipal leader to commit to allocating at least 1% to the Arts. Already, Ridgefield has committed to at least that amount! We encourage individuals and organizations to contact their municipal leader and ask her or him to support 1% for the Arts.