Creative Collaborator

Less than twenty years ago, S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) lead “the creative” in education, industry, and both economic and community development. But Art, existing everywhere in some form since the beginnings of Man, sadly was left out of the occasion. Only when the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) transformed S.T.E.M. into S.T.E.A.M. did Art find its rightful – though yet to be equal – place as a necessary and significant connective collaborator, creatively joining, challenging, and informing other fields of endeavor. 

So why, when the arts have always built bridges between people, ideas and places, is there a continued reticence to include Art at the table? The Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut has, since its inception, promoted Art as an important means of economic and community development, enhancement, and empowerment. It is to a community’s well-being, whether economic, social, or environmental, to use Art as the natural – “the creative” – link in all aspects of community enterprise, growth, and celebration. 

EndWorks is a collaboration project between the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut and the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury, Inc.~ The Women’s Center is working with the Cultural Alliance to engage the arts community. The goal is utilizing the arts to give voice and to “. . . end the violence against women, men and children, to foster equality and empowerment for all.” As such, the relationship between artist and audience is distinctive, creating an artist-led encounter between those whose lives have been touched by domestic violence and sexual assault, and those who have not.  Interested? ENDWORKS PROJECT  GUIDELINES  |  PROPOSAL FORM

Accessible Art Project relies on the collaboration between the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut, participating businesses and organizations, and the artists. Public and private venues in Danbury and Bethel, CT provide space so we can offer a series of solo art exhibits throughout the year.

There are approximately five (5) exhibitions per year scheduled at each location. In 2018, we scheduled a total of 40 exhibitions.

Spaces vary in size and range from small to large spaces depending on the venue.  Each exhibit is open for approximately 8 weeks.

This is a unique opportunity for artists to exhibit works in nontraditional spaces. Selected artists are notified of the date and location of their exhibition in advance. Artists may also be selected for more than one location.  More information

Danbury Street Festival and Innovation

CityCenter Danbury

In 2017, the inaugural year, the Cultural Alliance partnered with CityCenter Danbury to get the Danbury Artisans Street Fair off the ground. We were proud to assist with this project and help to connect, manage, and hoste participating artists and artisans, and to help raise the visibility for the event. The yearly festival is now managed entirely by CityCenter Danbury.