by Lisa Scails | AUGUST 22, 2020

This November, you will vote in one of the most important elections in recent history.

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected Connecticut’s residents, businesses, economy, and social fabric. Our communities have benefited from the power of the arts to help us heal and connect, even virtually or with physical distancing. At the same time, our local artists and cultural organizations are struggling to survive financially. The creative sector in Connecticut is at risk to suffer irreversible damage at a time when we need the arts more than ever.

Connecticut can’t recover without the arts.

You will elect statewide representatives that must quickly address complex issues facing the future of our state. They must understand that supporting and protecting the arts and culture sector is critical to rebuild our economy, revitalize our neighborhoods, and reimagine our way of life during and beyond the pandemic. Harnessing the power of the arts must be part of their plans for a resilient Connecticut.

With so much at stake, CT Arts Alliance needs YOU to act.

Create the Vote CT will provide you with tools to connect effectively with local candidates running to represent your interests and concerns at the State Capitol. Pledge to #CreateTheVoteCT so YOUR voice is amplified alongside artists, cultural organizations, and residents for the future of our industry and state.

Create the Vote CT is a nonpartisan public education campaign to raise awareness and support for the arts among voters and candidates running for public office. Connecticut Arts Alliance launched the first Create the Vote CT during the gubernatorial election in 2018 and inspired focus on the arts during Governor Lamont’s transition and helped stabilize statewide public funding for the first time since the Great Recession. The initiative was originally conceived and developed at MASSCreative, a state arts advocacy organization in Massachusetts.