Connecticut Hall of Change


The deadline to submit a Connecticut Hall of Change Award nomination is just 28 days away!

The Connecticut Hall of Change is designed to recognize formerly incarcerated men and women who have made substantial contributions to Connecticut communities since their release. The Connecticut Hall of Change is an opportunity to highlight individuals who have returned home and are leading lives of change in their communities. Only eight individuals will be inducted into the inaugural group of awardees. The nomination deadline is February 14, 2020.

When nominating please remember:

  • Nomination forms can be found here.
  • Once you have a nominee(s) in mind, please be sure that you speak directly with your nominee(s) to request their approval to be nominated.
  • Take a moment to preview the online form in order to gather the information necessary to complete it. You can save and resume the on-line nomination process at a later time. Once you begin, simply click the “Save” button and follow the prompts. You will receive a link to revisit your form.
  • You may nominate multiple (separate) individuals.

This project is a partnership between Hang Time Organization; Connecticut Department of Correction; Career Resources, Inc.; Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development, Office of Arts, Preservation & Museums; and the Re-Entry Collaborative’s of Connecticut.