Call To Artists: Be Featured in the Connecticut Mirror!

Antonia Schachter | March 10, 2020

ArtPoints seeks to showcase the work of Connecticut’s most prolific artists who use their talent to benefit the world, create conversation and spark change.

It is well known throughout history, oftentimes it is artists who inspire, incite and lead cultural transformation. Art serving as a mechanism to discuss important issues in our world.

As a public policy publication, CT Mirror seeks to feature such change agents who are passionate about and use their art to address issues including (but not limited to): criminal justice, fair housing, mental health, gender equality, education, the environment, healthcare, immigration, poverty, unemployment domestic violence, gun rights, religious freedom, political, dysfunction or economic growth.

With an audience of nearly 260,000 and a half million page views monthly, we want to feature your art (video, audio, photo) and the issues you care about.

It will take less than 5 minutes to submit and apply by clicking here