Brookfield Craft Center Receives Major Grants

by  | Nov 29, 2018

State, Foundation, and Corporate support Create New Opportunities for Growth

Brookfield, CT – The Brookfield Craft Center (BCC) is pleased to acknowledge receiving several major grants in the past several months.

The State of Connecticut has awarded the Craft Center a matching grant of $5,000 from the Department of Economic and Community Development, Office of the Arts.  This grant was awarded through the Supporting Arts in Place program and will support ongoing educational programming. State representative Stephen Harding noted: “I am very pleased that our State’s Department of Economic and Community Development has recognized the Brookfield Craft Center with a well deserved grant. Howard [the Center’s Executive Director] and his team have done an incredible job of growing and spotlighting the Craft Center in recent years and I am certain that this grant will be helpful in expanding their critical efforts.”

Brookfield Craft Center was also awarded a grant of $10,600 from Union Savings Bank Foundation.  This grant will support the Center’s expanded youth oriented programs.

Most recently, Brookfield Craft Center was awarded a grant of $50,000 ($25,000 a year over the next two years) from the Windgate Charitable Foundation.  This grant will be used to support programs in the newly established Digital Arts Studio, which is the foundation for the Center for Modern Craftsmanship.

“We are fortunate to have these partners as we build our programs” said Howard Lasser, the Center’s Executive Director. “ These grants are specify designated for program support.  This will help us offer more classes and scholarships to students.  Our goal is to be able to give the opportunity for creative expression to all who seek it regardless of their economic circumstance and these grants will help us in that effort.”

Brookfield Craft Center for Modern Craftsmanship

Part of the BCC’s strategic plans focus on establishing a technology-driven studio and learning center, known as the Center for Modern Craftsmanship.  “Today’s artists are increasingly combining traditional and modern techniques to create their art.  There are so many new applications in 3D printing, digital photography, editing, design, and more, so our goal is to help bring the art and science of crafting together,” said Monica McInerney, Board President.

Youth Programs

In an effort to increase opportunities for creative expression, the Craft Center has expanded its class offerings to the young.  Classes are offered to children from as young as 3 to 16 years old.  There are parent / child experiences, after-school programs in the forge and in painting and drawing as well as home school courses. “Funding from Union Savings Bank Foundation and the State will help make these classes accessible to all.” said Howard Lasser.

About the Brookfield Craft Center

The Brookfield Craft Center (BCC) was founded in 1952 and is recognized as one of the core fine craft schools in America. The center, incorporated in 1954 is a 501(c)(3) organization, offering classes and workshops in glass arts, woodturning, ceramics, jewelry, blacksmithing, fiber arts, drawing and painting, digital arts and other creative endeavors for children and adults taught by professional faculty. The historic Mill Building (ca 1780) Gift Shop and Exhibition Gallery is a beautiful venue for displaying fine craft. All works are carefully juried and are representative of the type of skills individuals can learn in our classes. As a force for arts advocacy and community building, Brookfield Craft Center strives to teach and preserve the skills of fine craftsmanship, and to enable creativity and personal growth through craft education.