Become a Member and Open the Door to your Community


Alice Schuette May 11, 2022

As a member of the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut, you become an ally in our mission to empower the professional arts community, grow the economy, and enrich people’s lives.

 As allies we unite as creative leaders who continue to enhance Western Connecticut with art and cultural activities that inspire and educate our neighbors.

 Art serves as the bridge that connects community and culture, which ultimately promotes unity. We recognize the importance of such endeavors and are committed to providing our members the tools required to continue thriving. We do this through advocacy, collaboration, and of course, by elevating you, and your organization. These three pillars raise our objective and are reflected in membership in the following ways:

AdvocateWe stand up for arts and culture in Connecticut by supporting your growth and demonstrating to State leaders how the arts is vital to the economy.

  • Join one of our monthly roundtables at low or no cost, tailored made to answer questions and provide clarity on what matters most to you as an artist and art/cultural organization.
  • Receive invitations to “Members Only” forums and events.

Collaborate We are committed to connecting the arts and business communities to help the economy grow.

  • We provide artists with opportunities to exhibit their work through our many business partnerships. Be the first to know about our Call to Artists, and participat in local exhibits and events.
  • Made an appointment for a one-to-one consultation if you are an artist needing some dedicated time. If you are an organization, we can help you with strategy and development.

Elevate – We offer ongoing support by offering avenues to promote yourself and/or organization.

  • Promote yourself and/or organization in our creative directory. Add images, contact information and links to your own website. The cultural alliance takes from this directory for our weekly membership spotlight social media posts.
  • Submit a newsworthy article onto our blog. We then push this information through our digital channels.