Denise Bennett Minnerly

Artist Medium

Installation and Painting

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Denise graduated from University of Vermont and went on to school at the Art Students League in NYC. Having embarked on an installation called “The Village Project,” she has been creating work that connects the project with the concept of identity. Alongside the project, she explores different techniques in the studio that can be used later for her installations. The landscapes are made with a medium called encaustic.

Encaustic is the application of beeswax with damar resin for the body of a work. The ephemeral feel of beeswax allows Denise to create a more real depiction of what she observes. Exploring different mediums allows her to communicate not only her own identity but more importantly how it relates to the understanding of social mores in her work. Denise’s frescoes and paintings have been widely exhibited in University settings and galleries across the Northeast. 

The work being seen on this site is not related to her installation work. They are encaustics that were inspired by the Connecticut Shoreline.