Arts and Culture Matters

by Lisa Scails | September 1, 2018

The upcoming gubernatorial election is a great time to talk about the strengths and challenges our state faces and the vision for our community. While candidates spend lots of time talking about jobs, the economy, and education, they rarely talk about arts and culture as part of their vision.

The CT Arts Alliance (CAA) and Connecticut Alliance for Arts Education (CAAE) launched Create the Vote CT earlier this year to ensure that arts and culture matters for voters and candidates this year. I am proud to share that the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut has joined many across the state as a Co-Sponsor for Create the Vote CT, a nonpartisan public education campaign to raise awareness and support for the arts among voters and candidates running for public office. I encourage you to join in! 

Click here to learn more about Create the Vote CT, to sign up for email updates, or to become an organizational co-sponsor.

Reported in the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 last year, it provides recent evidence that the nonprofit arts and culture sector is a significant industry in Fairfield County—one that generates $235.2 million in total economic activity. This spending—$148.6 million by nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and an additional $86.6 million in event-related spending by their audiences—supports 6,789 full-time equivalent jobs, generates $142.3 million in household income to local residents, and delivers $20.6 million in local and state government revenue. This economic impact study sends a strong signal that when we support the arts, we not only enhance our quality of life, but we also invest in Fairfield County’s economic well-being. The AEP 5 study, designed by Americans for the Arts, was conducted through a partnership between the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County and the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut.

Will you join us to boost arts and culture in the conversation during this important election? We can use more creative leaders willing to lift their voice, to engage in the political process, and help tell our story statewide.

If you’re interested in getting involved locally, the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut welcomes your participation. Our organization relies on the contributions of people like you!  Find out here about the many ways you can support our mission of advocacy for the arts.


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